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Over the years I have explored a variety of subject matter, but investigating landscapes embued with social/historical significance and an interest in the transformational rules that govern the description of a three dimensional space with a monocular vision are at the heart of my studies. This stems from my early adherence to the Formal qualities of the ‘New Topographics’ and the ‘New Color’ Photographers of the seventies and eighties. Early series such as Route 66, which followed the route of that famous US highway and The Island, which looked at the Tourist Industry on Majorca developed my interest in Colour as a Formalist signifier. The Interface saw a break with Perspectivalism with an unstructured exploration of the Ocean surface. A natural follow up was to cover the shorelines around Britain in The Strand but with a return to tightly structured composition.
The New Urban looks at new housing developments in the UK and Spain and their warped Utopianism. Simulation zones is a project that explored faked sporting environments with a nod to Baudrillards writings on simulation and Sentinals was a return to the coasts of Britain to document the defensive structures built in the last century.

Route 66
The Island
The Strand
The New Urban
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